Siiilk is a french band from Lyon formed 2010 following the encounter of 6 musicians : Richard Pick (singer, guitarist, author and composer), Gilbert Gandil (guitars) and Jacques Roman (keyboards , synthesizers, piano) – both members of the famous rock band “Pulsar” (Pollen , Halloween, Strands of the future, Görlitz, Memory ashes), Catherine Pick (singer, harmonium and additional keyboards), Guillaume Antonicelli (bass guitar) and Clément Vullion (drums) who took the place of Attilio Terlizzi in 2018.

Catherine Pick joigned Siiilk as a guest on “Way to lhassa” and since 2014 on “Endless mystery” she became member of the band .

The alchemy worked because the compositions of Richard Pick accede to the floydian musical univers of Gilbert Gandil and Jacques Roman. In September 2013 after 2 years composition and work,”Way to Lhassa” released at Musea records. In May 2017 ,Endless mystery releases, this new opus of Siiilk in the lineage of the first album, logical continuation of an initiatory way. Two artists worked on the design of the livret and cover of the CD: the painter Kawiiik on “Way to lhassa” and the photographier David Anemian crafting the visual universe of Siiilk.

From the left to the right on the picture: Catherine Pick, Jacques Roman, Richard Pick, our manager Roland Stévenot (Argaya production) Guillaume Antonicelli, Clément Vullion, Gilbert Gandil.

Siiilk - photo